Made in England

Looped leather flogger

Sales price £60.00
More thud, less sting
Flogger size
Tail colour

A gorgeous thuddy leather with looped over tails. This reduces sting and increases thud, as there are less edges striking the skin. This makes it a lovely thuddy leather, with almost no sting. The looped tails do make it flow slightly differently to a traditional flogger, so this item is recommended if you already have a regular flogger, know you really enjoy thud and are looking for a different sensation.

The flogger tails of the standard size are 14 inches long, making it ideal for being close and intimate with your partner, and playing in a smaller space such as a bedroom. The long size has 18 inch long tails. The custom option can be made to order with any length tails you desire. 


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