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Curious about cross dressing and would like to give it a go? This one hour experience gives you the opportunity to try out cross dressing in privacy, with expert guidance. This experience will give you to opportunity to try on a variety of outfits, with expert guidance on which styles and colours suit you. Hair, make-up and accessories will also be discussed and guidance given on starting out with these to finish the look. A photoshoot of you in your favourite outfits can be taken if you would like one, and the photos will be available on CD when you leave. Crossdressing at events and suppliers of cross-dressing items will be discussed to give you more information if you would like to continue your interest.

After the experience you will have the option to buy any outfits or accessories you have been wearing that you wish to take home.

The tutorial will require you to travel to Leicestershire in the UK to attend. Please contact us before ordering if you are unable to visit Leicestershire to check availability of other locations. Home visits and other locations may be available at extra cost.

When ordering this product please list either several specific dates or general days of the week and times you would be available to attend. If you require the tutorial on one specific date please call us to check availability before purchasing this item on 07976022639.

The experience is designed for 1 person to attend, to give you adequate time to try on outfits. If you would like your partner or a friend to join you that is fine.

Please note this experience will not encompass any sexual acts.

Here is a review of this experience:

Hi to all,
Having wanted to try cross dressing for a long time but never having the courage to do it I finally gave it a go and it felt great! The ladies made me feel very comfortable and it was an enjoyable afternoon trying on different outfits and looking great. At the end I could not believe how much fun I had being ‘one of the girls’ and that I was lucky to find an environment where even a shy person like me could feel relaxed and enjoy myself. I can’t wait to start wearing items around the home and I have this experience to thank for it.


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