How to care for your cane

A well looked after cane will give many years of enjoyment (at least for the Dominant). Here are a few tips on how to take care of your BDSM cane to ensure it is always ready for use.

Drying out

Natural canes are prone to brittleness, particularly during winter when central heating indoors speeds up the process of them drying out. If left, this can cause them to weaken over time, and eventually snap.

There is a simple technique you can use to combat this. Once every 6 months leave the tip of your cane submerged in a glass of water or oil overnight. During the night the cane will soak the liquid up it’s length, making it supple once more. In the morning shake the cane several times, to get any excess liquid off the dipped end.

Please note if you use oil you will need to use oil each time. If you use water you can switch to oil at a later date. Either liquid will work fine, it is simply down to personal preference. Some people feel the oil adds greater weight and flexibility.

Do not leave a leather handle submerged in either liquid as it will damage the handle – use the other end.

The synthetic canes we sell at Bondatrix do not need any treatment. They are all made from materials tested to engineering grade requirements and should never snap or shatter.


Natural canes are rattan, which rarely grows perfectly straight. Over time your cane may develop a slight curve or bend as it attempts to revert to it’s natural shape. If this occurs, the morning after you have soaked it (see above), gradually bend it in the opposite direction to the curve. You may need to slightly bend it too far for it to revert to being straight once more.

This only occurs with kooboo and dragon canes. Rattan heart canes and synthetic canes will stay straight. If a synthetic cane is stored curved for a long time it may retain this curve when you get it out to use. If this occurs hang it up and the weight will pull it straight over a few days. To prevent this store all canes so they are not bent or curved.