Bonding on Netflix – a quick review

If you have Netflix you may have noticed a new mini series advertised that looks kinky. It’s about a pro Domme and her friend who works as her assistant.

The good things about this series is it really attempts to portray both the Dominant and submissive characters as real people. It’s not all just kinky titilation, a lot of the show is about the characters and their lives and how they juggle this being their part time work and something they enjoy vs having a normal life and telling friends and partners. You get to see the characters grow in confidence and happiness in their lives the more they embrace this part of themselves and begin to communicate better in their everyday lives the longer they explore kink in their work lives.
There is also some discussion about boundaries and negotiations and some clue about consent. And it doesn’t focus on the idea that the people are into kink because of a broken past which was a big issue with The Secretary.
And finally the show embraces a whole range of kinks and fetishes in a way that doesn’t feel too judgemental or just trying to portray kinky people as freaks (but some of the scenes can occasionally feel like titlation for the viewer.)

The issue of consent isn’t handled perfectly, particularly the Domme towards her friend who assists her – she doesn’t often tell him what to expect and bullies him into doing things he doesn’t seem comfortable with. The excuse in the plot is that they are best friends and it’s for his own good otherwise he’d never try anything outside his comfort zone but it made me feel uncomfortable a few times while watching.

The outfits are good but some of the kink kit looks naff and there is, as you’d expect, little correct handling of whips and good rope work, but maybe if a second series is made they will have the budget by then to employ someone to advise on those aspects. But little is actually shown of that kind of thing during the show so it’s not showing many bad habits to newbies watching.

Overall this is a fun comedy show that doesn’t do too bad a job of portraying kink. I see the fact that it is on mainstream release on Netflix and currently being promoted by them when you log in a positive thing for the scene becoming more socially acceptable. This makes life easier for so many people. The more kink becomes acceptable the easier it is to mention to partners and friends, and the less people feel they have to hide a part of who they are and feel scared all the time incase they are found out. Encouraging people to express themselves and be open minded about who they really are and what they might like is a good thing for individuals and society as a whole.




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