At Bondatrix we welcome cross dressers.

Please do not feel shy about ordering from us if you wish to buy some outfits to cross dress in. Due to our experience designing outfits and because each item is made from scratch in-house, we are able to alter designs slightly to suit cross dressers. For example if a higher neck is desired on a top or dress this is easy to adapt for no extra cost.

We are also happy to advise cross dressers on which items may particularly suit them – feel free to email us with any questions or for suggestions.

If you would prefer to shop in person for an outfit we are regularly at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar which is cross dresser friendly. If you cannot make it to one of these events you can make an appointment to visit us to shop for an outfit in person. Email or call us to arrange an appointment, we are situated south Leicester.

Please feel free to order any item(s) from the womenswear section and send us your measurements.


Cross dressing advice article to inspire you!


If you have always been curious about cross dressing but never given it a go, then what are you waiting for?

Where/how to buy suitable clothing
Many people shop online so they do not have to do so on the High Street and risk awkward questions. The problem can be women’s clothes are not a fixed size – one company’s size 18 will be different measurements to another’s size 18. Get out a tape measure to be sure and check that the returns policy is reliable. And remember you can shop with Bondatrix online! All our clothing is created in-house in the UK, enabling it to be made to measure to your specific measurements for no extra cost.

Alternatively visit a fetish market. There are several around the country, and at these, businesses will welcome cross dressers trying items on and there may be wig, shoe, make-up and accessory stalls so you can complete your outfit. They are also a fun place to begin dressing in public, and you will often see cross dressers at events throughout the day.

There are also a few shops around the country which cater specifically for cross dressers – a quick search online should give you a few options.

Tips on buying the right clothing
First think about why you would like to cross dress so you can focus on the aspects you will most enjoy. Is it because you like the feel of feminine, lacy clothing? Or do you prefer tight, constrictive, short slutty outfits? Do you want to look like a realistic woman, or do you want to blend aspects of masculinity and femininity for an androgynous look? Do you enjoy the idea of walking around dressed up or is it the process of dressing which intrigues you – bathing and beautifying, putting on make-up, etc.

This should help give you a starting point on what type of outfit/accessories to initially look for. Consider whether you wish to, and it is practical for you to shave your body hair. If it is not, think about high necklines, thick tights, and long sleeves. Think about your body shape and what looks might suit you – you can try looking online or simply people watch to look for ideas of outfits you think work on women of different builds. Will you suit a long or short outfit? Tight or loose? Patterned or plain? Which materials?

Consider what you will be doing in your outfit. Is it to wear around the house, to work as a maid for a Mistress, to wear out to a club, etc. This will give you some ideas on whether you can choose anything you fancy or whether you want it to have practicality (a short, tight skirt or a huge frilly one with underskirts will both be difficult to be a practical maid in), or whether it needs to pass a dress code (fetish clubs may specify which materials your outfit should be).

Remember the key thing is to pick an outfit you feel confident in – this will affect how you look and feel, and if you go to an event you will feel happier chatting to people.

Finishing the outfit off
Particularly if you would like a realistic look, your outfit should not start and finish with the clothing. A wig can make an enormous difference to your appearance and is almost as important as the clothing. If you are going to venture to a club or event in your outfit a wig has the added advantage that it will substantially alter your face shape and appearance, making you less identifiable as your usual self.

Make up is also vital, however care should be taken, both in choosing the right make up and applying it. Colours should not clash with your outfit. Unless you are purposely going for a slutty look, subtle colours will often look better than scarlet or bright pinks. Vivid colours can also stain your lips, which can be an issue for work the next day! You can minimise this effect by buying a lip balm and moisturising your lips the day before you plan to cross dress. This will give you smoother lips, creating a better finish for your lipstick and it will make the lipstick easier to remove. Do not opt for ‘kiss-proof’ lipstick that is designed specifically to stay on for hours if you will need to remove all traces by the next day, as they are more likely to stain your lips. False eyelashes look great and will be much easier to remove than mascara, so are a better choice if you need to remove all traces for the next day. Choose an eye shadow which matches your outfit, or which matches the colour of your eyes to highlight them. Don’t forget to buy make-up remover and some cotton wool pads at the same time as your make-up, so you can remove it easily and effectively.

Practice makes perfect! Look for tips on applying make-up online or in women’s magazines, and practice. It can take time to get used to applying make-up, but it is well worth it. And remember, a subtle lipstick and touch of eyeshadow applied well will look better than eyeliner, mascara, foundation, lipstick, concealer, powder, lipliner, blush, bronzer, etc applied badly.

Shoes are important for completing a look, particularly if you wish to venture to a club or event. For your first pair choose a lower heel, 1″ or 2″ and a wide heel, rather than a stilletto. These will be easier to get used to walking in. Practice at home first to create a confident, feminine, sexy walk. Keep your steps small, keep one foot infront of another, and remember to also practice stairs. Set a mirror up so you can see yourself walking so you can judge how you look. As you build in confidence you can go for higher heels and stilettos, with less chance of falling over or walking ‘bow legged’.

Finally, a few items of jewellery can finish an outfit off, as well as help disguise masculine hands and collarbones. Think about colours that are already in your outfit or make-up to co-ordinate with. Choose items that are the right size – you will need larger size necklaces so long strings of beads may work well or use a tape measure when shopping. A ring can make a large difference to the look of your hands. Choose one with an adjustable band if you are unsure of your size, or ask a jewellers to measure your finger to find out your ring size. Costume jewellery is cheap and widely available, and a great way to start out.

Where to wear
Many cross dresser begin at home, and some never go beyond this. However it can be a liberating experience going to an event and cross dressing in public. It can lead to you feeling accepted for who you are and be a very positive experience. But choose the place for this carefully, to ensure you will be welcome and accepted. Simply walking out your front door to the local shops may not be a great experience, depending on where you live and who you meet.

Cross dressers are welcome on the fetish scene at fetish markets and fetish clubs. You will find many cross dressers at most fetish events around the country. If you are concerned before attending contact the event organisers and they will be happy to advise what is suitable and whether other cross dressers are likely to be attending. If you are interested in a fetish market they have no set dress code so you could visit first in your regular clothes, to see if there are other cross dressers visiting (and maybe pick up an interesting outfit for your next visit). If you are not into the BDSM side of the fetish scene evening events will be happy for you to dress up and attend – you will not get dragged into the dungeon and there will often be a separate bar/lounge area where you can chill out and meet people.

There are also events specifically for TV’s and their admirers around the country. At these you can drink, chat and dance. They can be a great place to make friends and enjoy an evening out cross-dressed.

If you have always wanted to try cross dressing then give it a go!

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