Bondatrix is now fully vaccinated! Bondatrix is still in business during COVID-19. Almost all our range is crafted in the UK, and during this time any items not in stock are being taken off the website to ensure there will be no delays with your order. Items are sent using Royal Mail or Fed Ex. Appropriate tracking and insurance will be purchased for your order when shipping, so that your order will arrive as smoothly as possible.

If you would like to brighten someone’s day in lockdown, why not have your item sent directly to them as a gift? If you would like to play remotely with your sub have toys sent directly to them, such as nipple clamps, then when they have arrived you can order them when and how to use it. If you would like a note included please just message us.

How to order

1.Use the checkout on the site. The Bondatrix website is fully set up to order through the site and take payments. Payment is through PayPal. All payment details go to PayPal directly, Bondatrix will not receive any of your card details. The transaction will appear on your PayPal statement as PAYPAL *BONDATRIX.

2.Bank transfer. If you do not wish to use PayPal or have any problems ordering through the website we are very happy for you to email with the item(s) you are interested in and you can pay by direct bank transfer. The account will come up as a personal name, not Bondatrix on your monthly statement.

3.Card over the phone. A third option is to call up and pay by card over the phone along with details of which items you wish to order and the delivery address. Call 07976022639 with your card details. Again, the account will come up on your statement as a personal name, not the business one and the payment will be processed by SumUp.

4.Collect in person by arrangement only. Bondatrix is not a shop and you cannot come round to browse the range. However you can make an appointment to collect a specific item if you wish to pay by cash or be measured for a specific item. We are 10 minutes from junction 21 of the M1.

As so many of our items are crafted by Bondatrix, you will often see items at events which never make it onto the website. If you are looking for a specific item you spotted at an event but cannot find it online get in touch. If we still have it or have the materials to make another you can order via email and pay by PayPal or bank transfer.

Equally, we cannot bring the full 500+ product range on the Bondatrix site to every event, so if you have spotted something specific you wish to try out/on or buy at a specific event please contact us so we know to bring it along to that event.

If you would like to contact Bondatrix about an order or are struggling to use the site to order email or call 07976022639.

Privacy notice

The information you provide when you create an account with Bondatrix will only be used by Bondatrix to process your order and to contact you. Bondatrix will never pass on your details to an external marketing company and will only pass on details to any third party if required to do so by law.

Payment on Bondatrix is through PayPal. PayPal will collect your payment details, which will not be passed on to Bondatrix.