BDSM cane buying guide

Are you a beginner looking to buy your first cane?
Yes – We recommend a reasonably thick kooboo that is not too long. This is the lightest, least intense cane. It is also quite stiff, making it easy to control if you are new to using canes. A shorter length also makes it easier to control. 
No – Continue reading.

Do you want natural or synthetic?
Some people enjoy a mixture of natural canes and synthetic canes for the broad spectrum of sensations they offer. Others prefer to only use natural canes. This is down to personal preference. In general synthetic canes are more intense than natural canes, so natural canes are a good starting point for your first couple of canes.

Do you want stingy or thuddy?
Thuddy – A thuddy cane feels like a very deep, intense massage. Thuddy canes are one of the most likely to bruise BDSM implements. Always ensure you know where it is safe to use canes before using them, and this is even more vital with thuddy canes. We have produced a beginners caning video which covers this topic. The thuddiest natural canes are dragon canes. These are from the rattan family, however they are grown slower, making them denser and therefore heavier. All synthetic canes are reasonably thuddy, however the wider you go in diameter the thuddier the cane will be. 
Stingy – Stingy canes are less likely to bruise and leave fewer marks. They are a sudden, intense pain that quickly dissipates – similar to a nettle sting (without being so itchy.) The stingiest natural canes are the rattan heart canes. These are varnished, which gives them a smooth shiny, and stingy finish. The stingiest synthetic canes are the thinner, whippier canes, such as the 10mm delrin.

What length?
Short – Shorter canes are easier to control, and you can be closer to your partner when using them. They also require less space, so are particularly suited to scening at home. With canes you have to be particularly careful to avoid ‘wrapping’ – where the tip travels round the body and strikes around the hip bone. For more information watch our ‘how to cane’ video. With a shorter length it is easier to avoid ‘wrapping’. Look for our junior canes, which are approximately 60cm long. 
Long – Longer canes give greater impact, making them more intense. This makes them popular with experienced players. Our senior canes are approximately 80-90cm in length. We find canes longer than 90cm begin to become unwieldy and it is hard to put more force behind them.

Straight or crook handle? 
Straight – Straight handle canes are easier to use and control, therefore almost all the canes we sell have straight handles. They are becoming increasingly popular on the BDSM scene. 
Crook – Crook handles are the traditional school days cane. This makes them popular for role play and photography. The crook can get in the way when using though, so they tend to be more awkward to use. With practice you will be able to get used to crook canes, and some people prefer the look of them. They used to be the norm on the BDSM scene, but have fallen out of favour for easier to use, straight canes in recent years.

Stiff or whippy?
Stiff – Stiff, rigid canes are easier to control, so are recommended for beginners. They tend to be wider, which gives them the stiffness. They tend to be thuddy. The heavier the cane is and the more force used will make them more intense. 
Whippy – Flexible canes are more difficult to control and require some practice. They tend to be stingier and thinner. They are popular with experienced players looking to add to their range of canes. Whippy synthetic canes will be more intense than whippy natural canes.

What is the difference in material types?
Kooboo – The lightest and least intense of all canes. Recommended for beginners to cane play and for a warm up in a caning scene. 
Rattan Heart – The varnished core of rattan. The varnish finish makes this cane stingy. It is quite light and therefore not too thuddy. It is a stiff cane, making it easy to control. 
Dragon – The heaviest and therefore thuddiest of the three most common cane types. These canes can be stiff or whippy, depending on the length and diameter. Dragon canes are recommended for experienced cane users/receivers. 
Tohiti – A wide, thuddy, stiff cane which is very intense. Often referred to as prison canes. These canes are only recommended for experienced cane users/receivers. They are very intense and require skill to wield. They are an extremely intense sensation, and easily bruise. If using this cane with force it must only be used on the buttocks. 
Nylon – This synthetic cane material is the lightest and whippiest of the synthetic canes. However it is still thuddier than most natural canes. This makes it stingy and quite thuddy. Shorter and thinner canes will emphasise these traits. These canes are recommended for experienced cane users as their whippiness can make them difficult for beginners to control. 
Delrin – This synthetic cane material is heavy and stiff, making it thuddy and easier to control than nylon. These canes are an intense sensation, especially at wider diameters, such as over 10mm, and easily bruise. If using these canes with force they must only be used on the buttocks. 
PTFE – A heavy and flexible synthetic cane material, making for an intensely thuddy cane. It falls easily into a natural, repetitive caning rhythm, making it an interesting cane for the Dominant to use. 
Others – There are other materials which some companies/individuals use to make canes. Bamboo is not recommended as it has a hollow core, making it prone to shattering during use and splintering, which can easily cut the skin. Acrylic canes come in stunning colours, but can be prone to snapping. As advancements are made in acrylic manufacture this is problem likely to decrease.