Gender Policy

At Bondatrix we welcome trans, non binary customers and anyone who simply wants to express themselves with whatever outfits and wonderful creations they can imagine! Let us help you express your true self!

On the Bondatrix site you will find the clothing currently sorted into feminine and masculine as this is the easiest way we can think of to differentiate clothing styles that will fit certain body types best. However most of our clothing is made to order and we are happy to make clothing for any gender, so feel free to shop in any category.

Throughout the site in descriptions we reference for sizing men’s and women’s for collars, cuffs etc. This is purely because we want to make it simple for people to shop online and give a quick easy way to indicate what kind of size you might need.

We are always exploring options for altering this wording on the site to something that more fully represents society and the many people who do not fit within these narrow categories. If you have a suggestion that might work better and be more inclusive please get in touch!

At Bondatrix we have never found it important what gender people identify as. For twenty years we have been happily making skirts for male presenting people, suits for female presenting people, and whatever creations people want for those who didn’t want something that fit into either box before we even had language for trans or non binary customers.

As we make our clothing from scratch for each customer it can make it easier to check any measurements they have provided seem correct and for our seamstress fill any gaps in the measurements if we know their general body shape. So the more information you are comfortable with providing when ordering the better the fit of your outfit is likely to be.