Beginners kooboo cane


A great starter cane


This kooboo cane is a great starter cane. It is fairly stiff and easy to control. It is 80cm long as standard, which is a great general length for canes, providing control and flexibility to be harsh or light with the cane. However if you are a complete beginner or have limited space choose a 60cm length when ordering, as the shorter length makes it even easier to use.


Do remember that canes are more intense than paddles and floggers though, so if you are new to all impact play we recommend a flogger and paddle before trying a cane. Look up Bondatrix on YouTube for a range of videos on how to use canes and other fetish kit.


Canes are a natural item, so they are not perfectly straight, particularly kooboo canes. If your cane has a slight curve to it, work with the curve when choosing how to hold it.

Additional information

Cane length

60cm, 80cm


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