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Evil shock toy which is simple to use and just needs two AA batteries. In stock and available for immediate shipping.


This is a fantastic fear toy. It makes a loud bang noise, emits a bright spark, and gives a small electric shock – similar to a static shock. It’s extremely simple to use – just hold the button, make contact with the skin, and it will instantly spark and give a static shock. All it needs is two AA batteries.

Try giving a few shocks, then start messing with their head, only sometimes pressing the button, so they don’t know which times it will actually shock them. Threaten them with it in sensitive areas when they are strapped to the spanking bench. Leave it in plain sight while you play so they can just worry every time you go near it. Run it along their body without any batteries in – they won’t know and will still worry about you shocking them. Even masochists have been found to not like this toy – not because it is the most vicious toy out there, but just because it’s an irritating feeling rather than a satisfying hit from a flogger or cane. So it’s a perfect threat toy for many brats.

It is made from durable plastic and a circuit board that has undergone rigorous testing. It is like a miniature cattle prod, but much safer for BDSM play. It delivers a concentrated spark of differential, non-penetrating static electricity across the gold-plated contacts. The contacts are 5mm apart and are looped back into the nose housing to prevent snagging. There is little or no recovery time for the circuit. Because of the static spark, it is safe for use on most parts of the body.

This item is known as the Tazapper, usually only available in the USA. At Bondatrix we have stock available for immediate dispatch in the U.K., so you will not have long wait times and the worry of it arriving through customs.


2 reviews for Zapper – UK stock

  1. paul27b (verified owner)

    Shockingly good!

  2. Daniel

    This thing is VERY effective.
    Psychological impact of the shock-noise it makes is especially effective.
    Definitely worth getting…!

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