Mummification tutorial


A class for one or two people to learn about and try mummification.

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Are you intrigued by mummification and want to learn how to do it safely and see what it’s like? This tutorial will give you that opportunity. This is not simply wrapping your partner in a bit of clingfilm, this is full on mummification, as taught to Vicky of Bondatrix by a total enclosure enthusiast and BDSM mummification teacher in Rome. There are three layers to the mummification process, and then various games you can play to make it more interesting once mummified. There are several safety factors to consider, before, during and after, and ways to mummify which make it safer to participate in.


Due to the all over nature of this type of bondage it is quite extreme. However it is lots of fun and relatively simple, so you can easily learn the basics in this one hour class, and give it a go, and then have the knowledge you need to carry on doing mummification in your play sessions in the future.


The tutorial will require you to travel to Leicestershire in the UK, a few minutes from the M1, to attend. If you are unable to visit Leicestershire, please contact us before ordering this item to check if we will be able to travel to your location (an extra travel cost will apply).

When ordering this product please list either several specific dates or general days of the week and times you would be available to attend. If you require the tutorial on one specific date please call us to check availability before purchasing this item on 07976022639.

The tutorial is designed for 1 or two people to attend. For larger groups we recommend the complete impact play tutorial as the extra time will give more time for everyone in the group to try the various techniques and implements. This tutorial will last approximately one hour.

Please note this tutorial will not encompass any sexual acts.


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