Completely customised kit bag

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Made completely to measure for your specific kit.
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A great way to store or transport your fetish equipment. This bag is made by Bondatrix in the UK. The bag features slots for crops, canes, floggers, collars etc, as well as pockets for clips, clamps and all your small pieces of kit. The velcro-close pockets could also be used to store your phone, wallet and keys so you don't need to take a separate bag for those to a club. The crop and cane slots are shown with one crop or cane in each but can often fit two in a slot if they do not have large handles (thereby reducing the size of the bag needed if you have several of these).

The bag is designed to roll up into a tube shape and features an adjustable shoulder strap making it easy to store or carry. The top of the bag has loops, suitable for hanging the bag or attaching extra pieces of kit using a double end clip.

At fetish clubs there is often nowhere to put your kit while you play other than the floor. This bag enables you to put your kit on the unrolled bag on the floor to make it easy to pick up the kit you want and save it touching the floor.

Choose the size of bag from the drop down menu and provide as much information about the size of your kit as you would like e.g. length of longest cane, diameters aof floggers, size of doxy wand, items for pockets, etc. If I have further questions I will contact you prior to construction.

Shown is the "heavy cotton (black)" with "black" pockets. If you choose leatherette or PVC the outside of the bag will be made in this fabric, which makes it a wipe down bag and easy to clean if you have to put it on the floor to protect your kit while you play, however the inside of the bag will be heavy cotton as this makes the bag more durable.



Sunday, 24 April 2016
Another beautiful, quality and practical product. Great for travel and keeping kit together, especially with frequently swapping toys in sensation play. Also has a psychological impact when a helpless and bound sub sees you walking towards them carrying the bag :)
Mistress Tanya