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pocket only tool roll black with kit
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Made in England
pocket only red kit bag
pocket only bag with kit

Pocket only BDSM tool roll

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Kit bag fabric - outside
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If you already have a great way to transport your canes, crops and floggers but are looking for a way to keep all you sensation toys and bits and bobs neat, this is the bag for you. It is a roll up bag with carry straps, with a range of pockets, ideal for clamps, clips, pinwheels, handcuffs, vibrators, misery sticks, etc! You can use it as a separate bag to carry these items, or put it inside your larger usual carry case, to keep everything neat and tidy. No more hunting for the nipple clamps mid-scene... At the event you can roll to bag out on a table or even the floor, giving you somewhere to lay out your kit ready to use if the sides are not a clean you would like.

The pockets feature a range of smaller velcro fastening pockets for keeping set items separate as well as two zip up deeper pockets - ideal for putting a few items in together.

This bag is made by Bondatrix in the UK.

The bag is designed to roll up into a tube shape and features a carry strap. It looks similar to a satchel when closed. As each pocket fastens you do not need to worry about items falling out.

You can decide whether to have a bag similar to the size shown (a medium), which is a good size for taking a moderate collection of kit to a club, or you can have a much larger bag made to store your entire collection. A much larger bag will be heavy and harder to carry once it is full of kit, so this is something to bear in mind. The medium bag shown is reasonably light, even when full of kit and easy to carry around during a night out to a fetish club.

Medium bag is shown in most of the images. Large bag will have one more zip up pocket as shown in the final image. Extra large will have two more small velcro pockets and one more large zip up pocket. 

*Equipment not included


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