Made in England

20mm Mr Bastard delrin cane

Sales price £25.00
A thuddy intense cane.
Cane handle colour

This is our most intense cane. You will have to be careful with this cane as full force it will do some serious deep impact! This cane is only for cane enthusiasts and masochists who want something extremely thick, thuddy and intense. 

Great as an intimidation toy, a fear play toy and for really deep thuddy impact.

Choose from the menu whether you would like a leather braided handle for an extra £15. This adds grip and looks decorative. Or whether you would like a plain piece of cane, with no handle. If you are vegan please choose no handle! If you choose a handle please also select which colour you would like. (If you choose no handle and it still asks for a colour selection, just leave it on black.)

(Please note we have not yet had a photo shoot with this cane, so it is thicker than the one currently shown in the photo.)


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