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UV reactive stinger flogger

Sales price £65.00
Our MOST stingy flogger and ideal for those who love marks after a session.
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One of our most identifiable products this toy is definitely for masochists. It has an unforgettable sting in both the ends and edges and is one of the most vicious floggers we stock. Made of UV plastic it is easy to clean and looks stunning under UV lighting.

Due to it's intensity this item is recommended for players with some experience using a flogger. It is quite a light flogger, with little thud but huge amounts of sting.

If you love leaving or receiving marks these floggers are amazing. It is very easy to leave marks, even on people who struggle to mark. If you use a lot of force they can even break the skin with the tips - so be careful and only use them this hard if that is the effect you desire.

Available in clear, blue and pink. If you are particularly interested in using these floggers under UV lighting, the clear glows the brightest. The pink does not glow much but is a stunning vibrant pink under normal lighting. NEW now available in red and also in black - but please note these colours do not glow under UV light.

The standard length will have 36cm long tails and the long length will have 46cm tails. The standard handle is 15cm long and the long length handle is 21cm long. For the custom length option you can choose the standard or long handle and choose what length you would like the tails.

Choose a ridged or plain handle for your flogger, or for a faster delivery choose 'whichever is in stock option'.

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