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Made in England

Synthetic cane set

Sales price £89.00
One for the cane enthusiasts!
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A great set of synthetic canes, specially selected for those looking to add some variety into their caning. Synthetic canes feel quite different to natural canes, generally being thuddier and a different kind of sting.

The set contains 

10mm delrin cane - thuddy with a little bit of flex
5mm delrin cane at 60cm long - very whippy and stingy
10mm PTFE cane - thuddy and stingy
20mm black delrin cane - our thuddiest cane

This set of canes is intense and is only recommended for those who already enjoy canes. If you are into caning these will give a much more intense cane session than natural canes and have a lot of variety of sensations between the four canes.

The standard price is for the set of four canes without any handle, as shown in the first images. You can choose whether to add a handle - either a mouldable plastic handle or a leather braided handle. The mouldable handle can be remoulded to your exact hand shape at home - simply submerge the handle in boiling water, remove and grip while still warm, then leave to set. The leather handle is available in a range of colours, select your handle colour from the menu. The menu cane handle colour ONLY applies to the leather handle option. So if you would like leather handles, select 'cane handle type' 'leather handle' and then 'cane handle colour' and select your choice of braided leather handle.

You can also choose the length of the canes (please note the 5mm delrin will always be 60cm even in an 80cm set as it is too flexible to use at 80cm). The 60cm leangth for all the canes is great if you are reasonably new to canes, if you would like lighter canes to use (as the 20mm black delrin is very heavy at 80cm), if you are playing in a smaller area such as at home or a crowded club. If you would like the most intense experience the 80cm length is best. This makes some of these canes truly vicious toys, ideal for sadists and masochists.

Please note this set is intense and is not recommended for beginners.


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