Very thuddy suede flogger

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Wonderfully heavy and thuddy.
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A lovely thuddy suede flogger with a beautiful natural wooden handle. This flogger is wonderfully thuddy, having extra tails compared to the coloured suede floggers we stock in our medium intensity range. This makes it more suitable for experienced players, looking for a heavy flogger. The supple velvety suede has almost no sting sting, making this a purely thuddy flogger which delivers a real punch.

The standard length will have 36cm long tails and the long length will have 46cm tails. The standard handle is 15cm long and the long length handle is 21cm long. For the custom length option you can choose the standard or long handle and choose what length you would like the tails.

Choose a ridged or plain handle for your flogger, or for a faster delivery choose 'whichever is in stock option'.


Monday, 04 July 2016
Being a fan of thuddy, I can say that this is one of my favourites. This flogger is very sturdy and has a lot of weight behind it.