Bit gag


Simple but effective gag

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This delrin bit gag is a hard durable material which is easy to clean – making it a good choice if using with different people. It also makes it an ideal choice if you fancy being evil or nice by spreading something on the bar for a particular scene. How about Marmite or chocolate spread, depending on their behaviour? The bar is a reasonable thickness for most to accommodate. The gag features a side buckle, enabling the wearer to lay back in comfort.

The bar keeps the mouth permanently open which encourgaes uncontrollable drooling for extra humiliation.

This item is made in the UK by Bondatrix. It is adjustable and will fit most sizes, but can be made to measure if required.

This gag is usually made with metal D-rings either side of the delrin bar. However it can be made with ribbon fastenings instead of the metal D-rings. This will be more suitable if you plan to wash it thoroughly between spreading various foods on it. It will also be more suitable if you have metal allergies. If you would like ribbon fastenings please state when ordering, otherwise the gag will be sent with metal D-rings as shown in the picture.


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