Sadistic rope set


Scratchy nasty rope for sadistic rope play.

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Interested in sadistic rope? This kit has everything you need to get started. It has two 10m lengths of coconut rope, which is super scratchy evil rope and is perfect for a more sadistic and intense rope play scene. The two 10m lengths are ideal for tying your victim, I mean rope bunny, into a variety of positions, and draw all 20m through each knot and turn against the skin for amazingly scratchy sensations. Wonderful for predicament bondage, punishment rope bondage, and masochists. Coconut rope can be prone to shedding so it comes in a storage pouch to keep it neat when stored with your other rope.

This set also contains a set of short rattan cane pieces which can be stuck through the rope and twisted to temporarily tighten certain areas of the rope to create a very painful pinching and biting sensation. This is a relatively safe way to do this type of play as the cane can quickly be removed, rather than undoing knots and loosening an area of the tie to release some of the tension. The cane pieces can also be used with your regular rope for the same sensations, they do not need to be used exclusively with the coconut rope in this set. The cane pieces come in a handy zip up case to keep them tidy and in one place.

Finally the set has a pair of safety shears – vital with any rope play, but particularly important with sadistic rope which often focuses on tight ties and uncomfortable positions. Even if you already have a set of safety shears, it never hurts to have a spare pair to hand when you are playing.

This rope is for floor work and is not suitable for suspension. It is untreated to keep its scratchy texture and will shed slightly during use.

Price is for two 10m lengths of coconut rope, one set of short cane pieces and one pair of safety shears, all in a drawstring storage bag.

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  1. Ruislip

    Coconut rope feels so scratchy on your fingers – so when you wrap a bunny's toes or face in it you get a lovely reaction. And the canes are such useful tools for putting that little extra bite where it's needed.

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