Synthetic cane set


An intense set of different thickness delrin canes


A beautiful and intense set of three canes which will make a wonderful set to own or give as a gift. These are more intense than natural, rattan canes, and are a great step up if you enjoy caning scenes. These are not recommended to beginners who are completely new to canes, as they are intense.

These are synthetic and suitable for vegans. They are recommended for masochists and sadists and are very likely to leave marks.
The set contains a very thin, very whippy cane at 60cm long, for giving lighter, faster strikes, a thicker 60cm cane which is stiffer and great for a nice thuddy caning, and finally a very thick, very thuddy 80cm long cane which is extremely thuddy and intense.

The range of cane types provide variety for either a full caning scene, or to mix into a CP scene. Alternatively they provide a range of degrees of punishment cane, depending on just how bad the digression was.

The canes have a mouldable handle – simply heat them in boiling water until they go soft, then squeeze to your hand shape and allow to cool. Once cool they will be solid and the perfect grip for you!

The price is for all three canes.

Sent in discrete plain packaging with no mention of the business name.


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