Satin mouth stuffer gag



A great fabric gag for beginners and experienced players. This gag muffles sound and gives the wearer a nice full mouth feeling. Drooling is reduced as the fabric fills the mouth. This gag can be washed occasionally, but leave it to dry it thoroughly to ensure the foam inside dries out afterwards.

The gag is made from a reasonably firm foam inside the satin, so there is some compression to fit inside the mouth well, ensuring a lovely full feeling. The fabric strap is adjustable and fastens with velcro, so it will fit most, but this item is made in-house at Bondatrix, so please provide your measurement around your head at mouth level if you would like it made to measure for no extra cost.

The standard option is all fabric and suitable for vegans. The lockable option has a part leather strap with a lockable buckle, so it can be locked in place.


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Standard, Lockable


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