Luxurious ring gag


Change the ring for training purposes.


With the added extra of poppers, you can exchange the rings to alter the fit of this gag. This makes it suitable for small and large mouths and ideal for ‘training’. The benefit of a ring gag is the risk of choking is significantly reduced, making them a safer gag than the traditional rubber ball. The buckle fastens at the side, so you can lay back in comfort.The strap of the gag is 1 inch wide. The suede edging makes this gag really comfortable to wear as there are no harsh edges to the leather to rub on the face.

The gag will be sent with a selection of 3 rings. These will include a small one – great for beginners, a medium metal one – good for wearing for a longer time, and a larger metal ring – a challenge for beginners but good for short term intense play or those with a large mouth.

This item is crafted by Bondatrix in the UK and is made from real leather, which will last for years. A standard size that will fit most will be sent. If you require a specific size please supply the measurement around the head at mouth level. The gag can then be made to measure for no extra charge.

Additional information

Suede edging colour

Black, Red, Purple

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  1. Ruislip

    I love ring gags, and the cheap one I had previously saw a lot of use – but since I got the Bondatrix version, the old gag hasn't seen the light of day. So many nice touches – the side buckle means no messing about trying to navigate hair, the removable ring makes it easy to clean after use, and the nice soft edges don't cut into the mouth at all – which means it can be worn long enough to really get the drool flowing.

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