Black cilice for long term wear


A more subtle version of a cilice.


A black webbing cilice made with studs. This will not break the skin, instead it is designed to bruise the skin, for those who love marks. It has a domino style pattern of 8 studs on the inside. It fastens with velcro, allowing you to wear it looser or tighter as the mood (and bruising) permits. Made to order, so can be made to fit any size bicep or thigh.

The idea is you wear it then hit the outside of it to push the studs into the skin, causing pain and bruising. Then afterwards you have bruises to enjoy and remind you of the play, or for a more intense sensation put the celice back on, line up the studs with the bruises, then wear it for the day so every time you use your arm it will keep moving and digging in.

Or for a less intense time, just wear it tight on the arm or thigh and the slightly pointed studs will keep moderately digging in, causing a mild discomfort which will build as time goes on.

Available as a cilice arm band or a cilice garter. The thigh version will have a longer strap and also a longer stud pattern.

Could potentially be made for other body areas such as chest or stomach – if you have an idea get in touch.

Measurement required: measure around the limb it is for. If you do not have measurements please state either an average female arm, female thigh, male arm, or male thigh.


Additional information

Limb size

Arm male, Thigh male, Arm female, Thigh female


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