Deposit for a slave holiday



This is a deposit only to secure the date of your booking. This should ONLY be purchased after a date has been agreed by email with Mistress Vicky. The remaining amount for your holiday will need to be paid in full before your holiday begins. Please read through all the details of the slave holiday listing and email Mistress Vicky to discuss your interests to ensure they align with hers and to discuss viable dates, BEFORE paying this deposit. Pay the deposit per 24 you are visiting for. So for a 48 hour visit put two of this item in the checkout.

This deposit is non-refundable as it covers Mistress Vicky’s time replying to emails and preparing equipment and food etc for your visit. However the remainder of your payment for the holiday is refundable if you have paid in full – only the deposit will be kept if you cancel.

If you have to cancel your trip and later decide to re-book you will need to pay the deposit again. But the original deposit which was not returned may be taken off the total balance of the re-booking depending on how close to the visit you cancelled and how much preparation had already taken place and how many emails had been answered.