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As the title implies this a monetary gift, so you will get nothing in return. (No physical item, no phone call, no messages, no play.)

Mistress Vicky is well respected on the BDSM scene and likes to give back to it teaching BDSM classes in person and online. See the free YouTube channel by clicking here – because it is a kink channel we cannot monetise our videos on YouTube. Mistress Vicky is asked to teach throughout the world, but often events cannot afford to pay the full cost towards travel or for the educators time. Mistress Vicky also enjoys writing free BDSM advice articles about a wide range of kinks. See our advice articles by clicking on Advice on the top menu bar of the Bondatrix site. Your gift will help give Mistress Vicky more free time to put into providing free BDSM education for people, to help give everyone the chance to live their best kinky life.

You may also enjoy the idea of providing a small monetary gift towards a Dominatrix living her best life, or want to give a tip after a particularly enjoyable slave holiday visit.

If you would like to give a larger amount you can select multiples of this item. If you would like to provide a monthly or regular amount please contact us about setting up a direct debit so that we do not lose a percentage to paypal and Mistress Vicky can enjoy your gift in full.

We did look into setting up a Patreon account, however that requires paying a monthly fee.


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