Slave holiday for a single submissive

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24 hours of play, or a longer stay available. Bookings being taken from 20th May 2021.

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2021 COVID precautions. I am now fully vaccinated and taking bookings. If you have questions, would like to book, pay a deposit or begin paying monthly installments for a holiday, please get in touch by email

If you have read this description in full and would like to proceed with booking a visit please email Mistress Vicky at with a brief description of your interests, level of experience, length of holiday and possible dates. Mistress Vicky will then reply to you letting you know if you are allowed to book a holiday and full details will be given by email.

(If you really want to call rather than email please call during a week day, between 9am-6pm, but if you have not emailed first or call outside of these times I will not be available to talk to you. If you introduce yourself by email first, and call within these days and times I will then happily answer any questions on the phone and talk to you about the holidays.)

This is for a 24 hour visit where you can be in role for the full time, or have several shorter scenes during your visit. There is a cage, spanking bench, rope area, and a windowless cell. There will be one female Dominant at all times. There will be full negotiation prior to the visit to ensure you get the most from the experience, and you will be allowed to safeword during the visit if you wish to change the pace, take a break, or try something different.

There is a huge range of options for your stay. You can stay in collar and in role for the whole visit, from the moment you enter until the moment you leave. You can arrive and have time to settle in and discuss your experience levels and play options and get to know each other, then pursue several shorter play sessions, eat a tasty meal, sleep in a comfortable bed, then have a bit more play the following day before you leave. You can come to be trained how to be a better submissive, particularly if you are fairly new and inexperienced or your current Dominant has requested you learn how to serve better. You can try out several completely different scenes and roles, perfect if you are quite new to BDSM and not yet sure whether you are a submissive, slave, masochist, sissy or rope bunny (by different roles we mean within the submissive range, you will not get the opportunity to be dominant).

The stay includes an overnight stay in your own room (or chained up in the cell or elsewhere as negotiated) and all meals are provided (you might be cooking them if deemed suitable).

If you would like to stay for longer than 24 hours, simply select a quantity higher than one. Many slaves enjoy a longer visit so they can fully explore their submission or several different scenes they are interested in, or you may feel you need to learn and be trained. We have had slaves visit for up to 5 days previously, which is the maximum we would recommend, the most common length is 3 days for a long weekend. It is recommended you check availability dates if you have a specific date in mind before booking. If you have any questions please get in touch. If you would like to spread the cost in advance of your stay get in touch to pay in instalments or by monthly direct debit.

The Dominant’s specialities include impact play, especially caning and flogging, bondage and sensory deprivation including cuffs, rope and mummification, forced feminisation, slave training and long term D/s scenes.

The Dominant does NOT offer strap on, body worship, watersports, CBT, electrics, suspension, branding.

The property is in a residential area and very discrete. There is free driveway parking. The property is south Leicestershire.

4 reviews for Slave holiday for a single submissive

  1. keith marshall

    Having just spent a 2 day holiday with Vicky I can throughly recommend her. She is very strict but can be caring. You will be pushed to your limits but they would be respected. She enjoys all forms of bondage specialising in rope bondage as well as impact punishments, she also caters for crossdressers. I can guarantee that once you visit her you will long to return.

  2. will

    I did a shorter holiday with Vicky due to circumstances and found it wonderful, she is extremely knowledgable, kind, and understanding of Kink. We did lots of different scenes during our time, made use of the cage, spanking bench, and indulged in sensory deprivation play, I cant wait to experience even longer periods of service.

  3. slave 4821

    Havng spent 24 hours as Vicky’s slave I can only say this was a fantastic experience it was total immersion from the collar going on and losing my clothes at the start to getting them back 24 hours later I was her slave and used in a wide variety of ways from being tortured for her amusement to being used as her foot stool and many other things. I not going to list here.

    Vicky is very good at sensation play something I told her after I had completed the 24 hours and looked fantastic in all the outfits she wore I was able to totally forget about the outside world and just focus on being her slave and plaything.

    It took a long time to arrange because of covid restrictions but we finally got there and loved it, Some of it was challenging but not too challenging if you know what I mean. I was given a safe word but did not need it, it was obvious that safety was always in her mind and all limits were respected.

    Without going into any detail we had a while to correspond and managed to come up with something so even during the night I was kept in slave space safely

    I do plan to return in the future probably next year to expand on the experience . Highly recommend to anyone who want to stay in role the whole day and give up control to a skilled but safe Mistress

  4. SM

    I was totally new to BDSM and had the good fortune just prior to Covid to attend a couple of workshops with Vicky, impact play and sensory deprivation.

    It meant when the world reopened after the first lockdown I was more than happy to attend a three day slave holiday. It’s basis was “wider horizons” and over the duration of my stay I tried many different elements of BDSM from cleaning while cuffed and hobbled to an intense impact play that also confirmed my want and need for more.
    In scene Vicky is a consummate professional due proper respect, out of scene she is a delightful hostess.

    As an introduction to BDSM I can imagine no better experience, I have since returned and had my horizons further widened, and when opportunity presents will do so again.

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