Dyed hemp rope 8m 4 bundles, choose your colour


8m long 6mm thick in a range of stunning colours


Four 8 metre lengths of linen hemp rope, 6mm thick. Available in a stunning range of dyed colours for eye catching rope work.

This rope is dyed in the UK, and the quality is lovely. It is soft and supple, and a pleasure to use. We have been personally product testing 😉 this rope for a year before deciding to stock it online and it passed the testing with flying colours.

This rope is fine to wash occasionally if you get it dirty. You can machine wash it at 30 or 40 degrees with mild detergent. Do not put any other items in the wash incase a tiny amount of dye stains other items, and run an empty wash afterwards to ensure the machine is clean.

Available in black, red, purple, pink, and dark green.

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red


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