Hog tie strap


Quickly put your sub into a vulnerable position

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A simple yet effective bit of kit which can be used with restraints. It can be used in the traditional method for a hog tie – lay your sub on the ground, face down and use the hog tie to clip their arms and legs up behind them to restrict movement. Alternatively it can be used to clip your sub together in any way you deem fit – e.g. their wrists together, ankles together and clipped up to their collar for an uncomfortable crouched position. Lots of fun and a simple way to demonstrate your authority!

It is double stitched and a double thickness of genuine leather to give it extra strength and made in the UK.

This item is handcrafted by Bondatrix in the U.K. It can be made to measure if you require different length straps, e.g. long straps for a less flexible sub.


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