Narrow whippy mouldable delrin cane


A whippy, intense cane!

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This cane is very stingy, making it intense and popular with experienced players wanting to add to their cane collection. It is extremely flexible, making it difficult for beginners to control but making it a wonderful whippy cane for experienced players. Once you get used to the flex it does all the work for you, making this a great ‘lazy Dom’ piece of kit. The intensity of the cane means you hardly have to put any effort in to achieve wonderful responses from most submissives.

This cane features a mouldable handle. To mould it to your specific hand shape simply submerge it briefly in hot water then grip it in your hand. It will then set and give you a permanently great grip! No more narrow canes slipping out of your hand or being diffcult to handle.

This cane is approximately 60cm long. It is approximately 0.5cm thick. At longer lengths it starts to get too difficult to control as it is so flexible!


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