The Dom look


Our custom trigger clip jacket and leather jeans


A great look, which works with many body shapes and ages. The A-line jacket is crafted in-house and unique to Bondatrix, giving you something very different to wear. The trigger clips look great giving that hint of metal, and mean you will always have one to hand at a club to clip a subs cuffs together! The A-line cut looks interesting and draws the eye up to the face, emphasising height.


The leather trousers are from a very trusted company Bondatrix has been working closely with for nearly two decades. They are fantastic quality, a strong, durable, yet still supple leather. The side lacing looks great, adding a bit of something different and even gives you options to customise it by putting in your own coloured lacing if you want to stand out. They come in a standard very long length, and you turn the bottom up yourself to get exactly the right height for your leg length and whether you wear shoes or boots.


This is a great outfit, and the price is for the top and the trousers, so you will have a finished outfit to go out in to a fetish club. The jacket is made from a black cotton drill fabric, and Torture Garden prefers leather look, pvc and latex, so if you are buying this outfit to go to Torture Garden, message when ordering and we will make the top from leather look fabric instead (or if you prefer this idea just message anyway). There is no extra charge for this as part of the outfit. In general the black cotton drill fabric is slightly cooler to wear though, so most people prefer it.


The jacket is made in-house, so if you prefer short sleeves, or any other adjustments these can be easily made, just state when ordering or contact us before at

The jacket can also be custom made for a perfect fit for no extra charge, so if you would like to supply your measurements when ordering, please supply : height, chest, waist, hips, bicep, wrist, length of top (measure from shoulder to where you want the hem of the top), length of sleeve (measure from shoulder to your wrist).

Additional information

Mens waist size

34, 36, 38, 40, 42

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