Thigh mitts


Keep hands strapped to the thighs


Is your sub an escape artist?

Do you want to stop them undoing the Knots?

Have an urge to deprive them of their sense of touch?

Our bondage mitts are perfect for you.

This stye of mit fastens the hand around the thigh, emphasising the vulnerability of the sub. Strapping the hand around the thigh makes the wearer very consious of how vulnerable and exposed they are. The D-rings allow you to then attach the thighs, spread open, to anchor points, forcing the legs open, while the subs hands are restrained and cannot interfere. Perfect for CBT, teasing, orgasm denial, or sexual play.

Taking away the use of someone’s hands is a very quick and effective way to put someone into the submissive mindset, and show them who’s in charge. These bondage mittens will restrict even Houdini types, as taking away the use of fingers seriously slows down even the most valiant escape artists. 

The bondage mittens force the wearer to spread their hand around their thigh. The mittens are made from a combination of softer leather over the hands allowing the wearer to wiggle the fingers slightly to encourage circulation, and stiff leather for the straps to ensure they are suitable for heavy bondage use. The base of the mittens is edged with soft suede, to prevent rubbing or chafing.

The mittens feature a welded D-ring, double stitched onto stiff leather, making them suitable for heavy bondage.

The bondage mitts are made by Bondatrix and can be made to measure. To achieve a good fit when ordering please provide the following measurements:
1)Around the thigh.
2)Around the wrist.

3)Around the knuckles on the hand (excluding the thumb).

Alternatively state whether they are for an average woman, average man, or man with very large hands and the appropriate size will be sent. The design has some adjustability, so will fit a variety of sizes.

The price is for a pair.

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