Vegan slapper


Limited stock available! Stingy, slappy fun.


Vibrant colours, easy to clean and look fabulous under UV light in clubs. These paddles are great fun (for the Dominant at least) and are rather stingy! They are quite flexible so you can get good speed and a nice loud slap sound. Or you can use them gently for a gradual build up.

As shown in the photograph they are available in a wide range of colours. Please choose your colour when ordering, or simply ask for whichever is in stock if the colour does not matter. If you would like them particularly for UV play in clubs, the clear paddle glows the brightest. Limited stock available as we cannot order in more of the material used to make these! NEW now available in red and in black – but this colour does not glow under UV lighting.

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Black, Blue, Clear, Pink, Red

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  1. Natasha

    This is a piece of equipment I won’t forget in a hurry. Wonderfully ouchy in all the right ways. Gorgeous under the clubs UV.

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