Wax Play fluid proof bed sheet


Made to measure in the UK


A great fluid proof bed sheet, made in the UK, which slips over the bed with elastic straps. Perfect for keeping your sheets and mattress clean during play.

This will fit a standard double or king size bed – select your size from the menu. However it can also be made to measure so if you have an unusually deep mattress or a single bed or some other item you would like a sheet for get in touch. If it’s only a case of longer elastic straps for an extra deep mattress there will be no extra charge.

This is great for wax play, WAM and spolshing, or simply if you tend to mess up your sheets during sex or kink play and don’t fancy changing the bedding afterwards – simply slip the elastic straps off and move the sheet to the floor and get into bed. It is machine washable, or for smaller amounts of mess simply wipe clean. It will stay completely waterproof for longer if it is wiped clean rather than machine washed.

It is made from a really good quality leatherette, so it is a synthetic leather making it suitable for vegans and all cleaning products. The quality of the materials used mean this sheet will last for several years, even with regular rough play sessions – we have been product testing for our own play sessions for sometime with these at Bondatrix as they as so useful and simple for keeping the bed clean during play.


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