Set of leather handled canes

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A great set of a kooboo, dragon and rattan heart cane, all with leather wrapped handles. 

The kooboo cane is a great warm up cane and the least intense of the three (although all canes are intense impact toys). The rattan heart is varnished, making it stingy. And the dragon cane is the heaviest cane, making it thuddy. This provides great variety during a scene and this is a lovely set to have and use.

The canes are 70-80cm long. They are an average of 10-12mm thick. If you would like thinner whipper canes please specify when ordering and the dragon and kooboo can be sent as 6-8mm canes (the rattan heart cane has to be 10-12mm as thinner canes will not work with the finish on them).

The canes are the same as the canes contained in the Luxury cane set, however the handle is a simple black leather wrap around design rather than a plaited handle. The handles are still durable and provide extra grip, they are just a simpler design than the luxury set.

Please note canes are a natural product. This means they do not grow completely straight. Most canes will have some curve to them, work with the curve when using canes for the best effect. The canes at Bondatrix are not artificially straightened before dispatch as they would only return to their natural shape over time. For information on caring for your cane please see our advice pages or watch our video on YouTube by searching for Bondatrix on YouTube.


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