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black cane handle
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10mm-12mm dragon cane with braided handle

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Thin, whippy and stingy.
Cane handle colour
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The dragon cane is the most traditional type of cane for BDSM use. It is from the rattan family, making it a solid cane suitable for impact play (as opposed to bamboo cane which is hollow and has a tendency to shatter). It is the thuddiest of the natural canes, making it great for cane enthusiasts.
This dragon cane has a leather braided handle, available braided in a single colour or two colours combined to create a lovely patterned handle. The handle is made from real leather and suede and is hand braided.

The 1.2cm thick cane is stiff and thuddy. It is an intense cane to receive but easy to use due to its lack of flex. It is approximately 80cm long. However if you would like it longer or shorter please message me and I will make it the length you require for no extra charge. A 60cm length is ideal if you are a complete beginner with canes.

If you would like a colour not listed please message me as most colours are available made to order for no extra charge.



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