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An online tutorial you can attend from anywhere! This is a one hour tutorial which will be conducted online, via skype, zoom or whichever medium you prefer. You will be shown all the canes and techniques you would see in the in person tutorial and be able to ask questions throughout to get the exact information you want from the tutorial.

This tutorial is all about canes. What they are, what the differences are between kooboo, dragon, tohiti rattan canes, and newer synthetic materials such as delrin and PTFE. It will cover various techniques – how to do them and the difference between them and why and when you would want to use each technique. It will cover safety factors and negotiation and different types of caning scenes – from introduction scenes, masochistic scenes, to judicial punishment and bastardino. How to care for your canes will also be covered, along with two-handed techniques with canes such as drumming and twilling. You will get to watch techniques and have a go under expert supervision. Each tutorial is fully customisable to you so if you want to focus more on a couple of areas, or leave one or two aspects out, such as bastardino, it can all be tailored to exactly what you wish to learn on the day.

Please note this tutorial will not encompass any sexual acts.

If you wish to check if a topic will be covered before you book please contact us.



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