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delrin cane
delrin synthetic cane for BDSM
Made in England

10mm delrin cane

Sales price £22.00
An interesting mixture of sting and thud.
Cane handle colour
Cane length

Synthetic canes are denser than natural canes, making them heavier and more intense, so this cane certainly feels like a step-up from a dragon cane. 

Ideal for cane enthusiasts. This cane is the best place to start with synthetic canes, as it has some flexibility without being overly whippy, giving it some sting and some thud.

Choose from the menu whether you would like a leather braided handle for an extra £15. This adds grip and looks decorative. Or whether you would like a plain piece of cane, with no handle. If you are vegan please choose no handle! If you choose a handle please also select which colour you would like. (If you choose no handle and it still asks for a colour selection, just leave it on black.)


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