latex purple flogger
purple latex
purlescent purple latex flogger
Made in England
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Latex flogger

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Thuddy with the wonderful smell of latex
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Flogger storage bag

A thuddy flogger with very little sting, made from soft clothing grade latex. This gives it an amazing aroma, the cool feel of latex to the touch, and makes it a great impact toy for those looking for a similar sensation to suede but different. It is made entirely from latex, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


The standard length will have 36cm long tails and the long length will have 46cm tails. The standard handle is 15cm long and the long length handle is 21cm long. For the custom length option you can choose the standard or long handle and choose what length you would like the tails.

Choose a ridged or plain handle for your flogger, or for a faster delivery choose 'whichever is in stock option'.


This flogger can be made in plain black, purple and black, red and black and often other colours - message if you would like to know which colours are currently available or you have something specific in mind. 


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