Beginners adjustable bell tweezer clamps (pair)

Sales price £20.00

Our personal favourites - great for beginners to nipple play, even those a little scared of the idea! These clamps are fully adjustable and on their gentlest setting will only feel like a gentle squeeze that you could apply with two fingers.

The bells give a gentle ring, giving plenty of possibilities for how to get them to do so... The lack of a chain also makes these clamps great to wear under clothing, and makes them warmer to wear in winter - as there is no cold chain brushing against the skin.

The intensity of these clamps can be adjusted while they are being worn, by sliding a metal ring up or down the clamp. This makes them quick and easy to adjust the pressure, and to remove - perfect if you like a variety of pressure during your nipple play. The pressure can be anything from a gentle, subtle pressure up to an intense squeeze. 

These clamps are best suited to women's nipples (or larger men's nipples). 

Clover clamps are the more traditional BDSM nipple clamp. However they are intense and not adjustable. If you are starting out with clamps it is often better to try a gentler, adjustable clamp first and leave them wanting more, then progress to clover clamps, than to start with clovers and put them off nipple play.


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