Beginners nipple clamps


Use two different way for gentle or harder pinching sensations

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A great first set of nipple clamps. These are adjustable, using the screw, so you can set before they are out on how tight they will be, enabling you to progress from a very loose pinch to a tighter pinch as you get more adventurous.


They can also be used in two different directions (see the photos). Grip round the nipple for a looser pinch (will only work on women’s nipples). Or grip with the tip for a tighter pinch (will work on men’s and women’s nipples).


These are a very versatile clamp. Ideal for beginners as they can be adjusted to be very gentle, but as they can be tightened and used in two different ways they are also more suitable when you get more into clamps and are ready for more intense nipple play.


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