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nipple stretcher clover clamps
nipple stretcher

Nipple stretcher clamps with two clamp styles

Sales price £54.00
Comes with clover clamps and tweaser clamps.

This tower enables you to attach the clamps then screw the pole upwards, stretching the nipples up for more intense sensations.

This item comes with both tweaser clamps and clover clamps. This gives a lot more variety in use. The tweaser clamps can be adjusted how tight they are, then adjust how far they are pulled, for a variety of pleasurable and painful sensations. The clover clamps are not adjustable and very instense, and are designed to tighten when pulled, so the tower will pull the clmaps up and tigher at the some time. This makes them extremely intense. The clamps are attatched to the tower with a split ring, so it is reasonably easy to switch between the two styles of clamps.


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