Black stinger leather flogger

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A deliciously stingy and thuddy flogger. Intense and great for masochists or to punish. The thin-cut tails cut from a thick leather add to the sting and ensure the flogger flies superbly making it a joy to use (for the Dom at least).

This is the most intense of the leather floggers we stock.

The standard length will have 36cm long tails and the long length will have 46cm tails. The standard handle is 15cm long and the long length handle is 21cm long. For the custom length option you can choose the standard or long handle and choose what length you would like the tails.

Choose a ridged or plain handle for your flogger, or for a faster delivery choose ‘whichever is in stock option’.

Additional information

Flogger size

Standard, long, custom

Flogger Handle type

Plain, Ridged, Whichever is already made

1 review for Black stinger leather flogger

  1. paul-0554 (verified owner)

    First, I would like to thank Vicky for all the help that she gave me with my floggers and bags.
    These floggers live up to their name, stingy. They are just that and more.
    The bags I got for my floggers are just amazing too.

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