Chain collar


A stylish classic chain collar with D ring.

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This beautiful 1″ wide collar is very popular with women. It looks delicate and feminine yet sturdy and submissive at the same time.

It fastens with a leather strap and buckle, making it adjustable. It fits any woman from a size 13″ up to a 18″ neck easily. If you supply the neck measurement when ordering the leather strap will come already adjusted to the right length (leaving a couple of inches of adjustability for comfort).

For larger size necks and men’s necks a wider chunkier version is available. This is 1 1/2″ wide and fits a 20″ neck and larger. This size will only be sent if you specify when ordering, otherwise the standard 1″ wide collar will be sent.


This collar comes with a black leather strap as standard. If you are vegan and would like a plastic strap please message when ordering and a plastic strap can be put on instead for no extra charge. If you would like another colour strap please message when ordering – leather straps can be black, red or white. Plastic straps can be clear, black, pink, blue or red.


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