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Made with high quality leather – these are beautiful thuddy floggers which are a joy to use.

Leather smells and feels amazing. These floggers are made from a wonderfully supple cow hide, which feels lovely and thuddy, with very little sting. 

These leather floggers are great for warm up and also for use throughout a scene. They give a great slap sound, and feel great draped over the skin, and smell amazing draped over the face to relax the submissive.   

They are individually designed, crafted and tested in our workshop, ensuring perfect balance, ease of use, and wonderful sensations. Each leather is handled and cut differently to ensure the best flow and feel for each flogger.

Choose the length of flogger from the menu. A standard flogger is recommended for women, and also ideal for using in smaller spaces, such as a bedroom, or if you would like to be closer to your partner for a more intimate scene. The standard flogger has a shorter handle (15cm long) and 36cm long tails. The long flogger has a longer handle (21cm long) and 46cm long tails. The custom flogger can be any length tails and you can specify whether you would like a shorter or long handle. Choose a ridged or plain handle for your flogger, or for a faster delivery choose ‘whichever is in stock option’.

If you wish to order a matched pair, simply order two floggers at the same time and they will be created as a pair.

If you would like to be taught some two-handed techniques either come to see us at an event or book a tutorial with us that can be tailored to your needs.

Additional information

Flogger storage bag

No storage bag, Any ready made, Black Leatherette, Black PVC, Black satin, Purple snakeprint PVC, Red PVC, Skulls, Tartan

Tail colour

Black, Red and black

Flogger size

Standard, long, custom

Flogger Handle type

Plain, Ridged, Whichever is already made

2 reviews for Leather flogger

  1. Natasha

    Fantastic feel. Thuddy and delicious with sting when the Dom wants it to. Ouchie and fun.

  2. Archive31 (verified owner)

    Lovely feeling real leather flogger. Feels and smells divine, especially when draped over the face and eyes. Nice and thuddy feeling, great as a warm up tool. Curious to discover the range of sensations that can be experienced with this flogger in the future. Brought the standard size, which Bondatrix very kindly made and dispatched in time for my partners birthday. Thank you so much. We’ll be using this frequently in the years to come.

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