Complete impact play or S/M play tutorial


A deeper tutorial on SM play.

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Enjoy S+M and wish to take things even deeper? Or starting out and want to learn in-depth about impact play? This longer tutorial is designed to let you get your teeth into S + M play, whether you are new to it completely but utterly intrigued or already understand the basics an ant to learn more in-depth techniques and tips.

This tutorial will be tailored to your experience and interests to ensure you get the most out of it. It will cover techniques for using floggers, crops, canes and paddles, as well as advanced versions of these implements. It will cover two-handed techniques with canes such as drumming and twilling. It will cover two-handed techniques with floggers, including how to florentine. It will also cover advanced types of S+M play such as fire and temperature play. General safety factors will be discussed, as well as specific safety issues for each piece of fetish equipment demonstrated. You will get to watch techniques and have a go under expert supervision.

After the tutorial you will have the option to buy any fetish equipment you have been using that you wish to take home and continue having fun with!

The tutorial will require you to travel to Leicestershire in the UK, a few minutes from the M1, to attend. Please contact us first if you cannot attend at this location as other locations are only available by arrangement and will incurr an additional travel fee.

When ordering this product please list either several specific dates or general days of the week and times you would be available to attend. If you require the tutorial on one specific date please call us to check availability before purchasing this item on 07976022639.

The tutorial is designed for 1 or two people to attend. It will last approximately 2 hours.

Please note this tutorial will not encompass any sexual acts.

Please note this tutorial will NOT cover needle play, electrics or breath play. It will cover impact play equipment. If you wish to check if a topic will be covered before you book please contact us.

If you are unsure whether you require the beginners or advanced impact play tutorial please advise when booking and we will tailor the tutorial to your level of experience and ensure it encompasses the areas you would like to learn about and improve on.


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