Choose your length – 6mm UK treated Jute rope


Choose your length.


U.K. treated jute rope, 6mm thick. Ready to use.

Choose any length you want from the menu. Great if you want an unusually long piece or a very short piece for a specific type of rope bondage tie.

Premium quality U.K. treated jute rope specifically made for shibari and kinbaku type bondage. This rope is strong and durable, and long lasting. Recommended for beginners and professionals alike – especially for those who are looking for a reliable natural rope with excellent load bearing capabilities to be used for suspension. This rope has been treated with vegan Almond Oil, and burned to finish it. It is completely ready to use immediately for your rope work.

If you are a fan of hemp rope check out my other listings! U.K. natural and dyed hemp rope is also available in my store.

If you would like multiple lengths order several bundles.

It is the closest so far to Japanese jute (asanawa) which is the ‘gold standard’ of serious riggers but come with a champagne price tag. The lay (twist), weight and density is almost identical which gives it superb flexibility and handling right off the reel. Each ply of the 6mm (true 6mm) version is made from 9 single ply yarns to give a fine and consistent rope. This combined with the lower density will make your ties, knots and frictions look very clean and sharp. This is fast, flickable rope. The fibre is a pale golden brown and clean with minimal impurities.

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