Heavy duty posture collar

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A wide, padded posture collar, with a rigid outer leather to provide great restriction. This collar instantly ensures the wearer feels bound and controlled. It is designed to ensure the sub maintains a good posture and keeps their head up. The restriction of movement is a constant reminder to the submissive of their place. It features a welded strong D-ring for bondage.

This collar has a curve design to make it comfortable whilst being restrictive. It has a soft leather lining, is heavily padded, and has a double thickness soft leather edging to prevent chaffing. It is 4 inches deep around the neck. There is velcro as well as the buckle fastening, to make it easy to put on for the Dominant. The buckle is lockable, allowing you to use it as a regular buckle, or padlock the wearer into the collar for an added element of ownership.

If you require a shallower or deeper collar please specify when ordering and we will construct it to your requirements. Please include the neck measurement of the wearer so we can construct a collar of the correct length. There are approximately 4 inches of adjustability in the collar so if it is to be worn by different people please specify whether you would like a man’s or women’s size.

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2 reviews for Heavy duty posture collar

  1. Mistress Tanya

    Beautiful, sturdy and keeps subbie in his place. This works on so many levels, the trill of bondage and ownership and a genuine method of training and improving a sub’s posture and general demeanour. Padlocking highly recommended!

  2. Daniel

    Brilliantly effective collar, and the padding makes it surprisingly comfortable for the wearer.
    As always, brilliantly well built.

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