Fur hand mit


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A great soft sensation toy for stroking and spanking. Consists of a leather back, with elastic strap, enablling you to quickly slip onto your hand. The other side is covered with superbly soft real fur – ideal for stroking over sensitive skin.

Two sizes available as standard – small (for womens hands) and large (for mens hands). Please specify small or large when ordering or measure around your hand just above the thumb for a more accurate fit.

Fur is available in black, brown or grey. Colours may vary. If you require a specific colour please state which at time of ordering.

The fur is real. It is recycled rabbit fur, enabling you to enjoy the unique feel of real fur without supporting production of new fur.

2 reviews for Fur hand mit

  1. Mistress Tanya

    The Kinky cousin of a Star Trek Tribble and just as cute. Every Dom should have at least 1 nice toy in their kit to keep the sub on their toes

  2. Black Magic

    Sometimes I want to be nice to my play partner. This is a good way to do it, with different sensations to keep it interesting.

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