Misery stick

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Vicious little toy also known as a sadistick, or flick stick.


Either use a misery stick as a very short cane, for intimate areas or bastardino (soles of the feet) or use it with a flicking action. A misery stick is tradtionally used, holding one end near the skin, pulling the other end back then releasing (similar to a stick version of elastic band flicking). This creates a deep impact and is very intense and very likely to leave marks. So this is recommended for sadists and masochists, who like marks. Ideal for carrying in a small bag an always having it to hand for the threat of punishment due to its short length.

Available plain or with a small mouldable handle, to make it easier to grip. The handle comes pre moulded, but if you wish to mould it to your hand shape further, submerge it in boiling water, then grip while still warm and leave to set.

This misery stick is made from delrin plastic, is 0.5cm thick and 30cm long.

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2 reviews for Misery stick

  1. Archive31 (verified owner)

    Brought this as an add on with a flogger (reviewed separately), turned out to be one of the highlights of the order. For my partner that is! Her description “an unexpected ‘I need this in my life’ item”. She loves using it as a flick stick on my behind. It definitely lives up to the promise of a stingy sensation! Would be a bit much for me without warming up to it first though. Love it all the same however. 🙂

  2. Mistress Tanya (verified owner)

    A really interesting piece of equipment and a great addition to the toy box, this little stick certainly packs a punch. It is perfect for those wanting to explore the stronger end of impact play, because when used by simply pulling back and letting it spring free this will mark! It produced clear cane like welts, which in my slave’s case faded reasonably quickly, though of course everybody will react differently. Because it is very easy to achieve quite harsh results with the stick, as a Top I found myself almost detached from the physical process. There is no wrist swing or swishing accompaniment and without these stimuli I was gauging everything purely on the marks and my slave’s immediate reactions, a fascinating experience for us both. The short length and high impact also make it easy to achieve close grouping and cross strokes if an extra level of harshness is desired.

    In view of the above I think this toy would work excellently in an interrogation scenario, while its small size and silent running make it ideal to take to a hotel.

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