UV dragon tail with wooden handle


Evil but nice to handle…for the Dominant at least.


This is made from the same material as the other UV dragon tails on this site, but this version is on a lovely wooden handle, giving great grip and making it lovely to handle. The dragon tail part is made from a very stingy and cutting UV reactive plastic, making it feel vicious. It is very easy to leave marks with this toy – perfect for pain sluts who find it difficult to mark. (But should be avoided if your submissive does not want to be marked.)

It is a plastic material so is easy to clean between uses – you can submerge the tail part (but not the handle) in boiling water. This will also straighten the tail out again if it gets bent from being stored in a bag for a few weeks.

This can be made in the pink or the clear plastic as well as the blue. The clear glows the brightest under UV light. NEW now available in a gorgeous red and a classic black! The red and the black do not glow under UV light but they each look great.

The tail part is approximately 17-18 inches long.

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Black, Blue, Clear, Pink, Red


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